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What is such forum good for ?

Imagine that there is a place where could find any requirement, law or standard that applied to your supply chain with simply typing in your key words.

It is about time that we start networking beyond the past boundaries. has proven that the swarm intelligence of a large network can change the way we work, and we collaborate.

I am ready to share my network with you and everyone that is ready to contribute to making the way we conduct our business globally better.

No matter, if you are a sustainability manager, a buyer, CEO of a factory, a trade company, retailer, a consultant, government or an NGO, you are, everyone is invited to contribute.

Raise your questions or write about your experiences here:

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Your welcome. I hope you can also bring input to the discussion so the world will know you and your expertise.


Julian Wu
Julian Wu
06 de jul. de 2020

Thanks Daniel, for opening up the Environmental CR. I will keep my eyes on the posts in this part.

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