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Quo Vadis platform? We need new ways of engagement!

Why is it that we have not solved our sustainability issues despite the many offerings that we can easily find on the web today? We can link to everyone in the world. Chinese, Australians, Puerto Ricans are just one click away. And we have platforms that allow to implement solutions, social, environmental, logistical …

I think the core problem are the big figures. The promise of big business diminishes a clean perspective on the real cost. Everyone wants to get the one big order. Producers agree on prices that are not sustainable and finally it is not clear who will pay the bill.

The current offering to mitigate such issues are coming short on making the supply chain really sustainable. Because:

They are complicated to use

They cost a lot of money

They do not solve problems but create new ones as they impose rules that do not qualify to monitor the second, third, fourth … tier.

Let us engage in meaningful way. Instead of paying annual fees to platforms we should seek solutions that allow us to invest into implementation but not into auditing.

In a fair and decent system, we rate each other up- and downstream. As a consequence, everyone will be more transparent by popular vote. The more votes we gain the better the quality of the rating. Then decision makers in business will be on a pedestal, positive or negative is up to quality of the decision and the impact you make in the supply chain. There are approaches already. By the way, they are also just one click away.

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