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Please vote the title(s) of article I should write next!

Dear friends,

I am working on a series blog named "Feasible Sustainability Strategy - Basis". I need some advices from you guys.

Within this series, I have these few sub-topics in my mind, a. Why most of CR Managers of textile industry working on WRONG goals? b. Practical timeline of implementing 3 hardcore sustainability goals: Circularity, Decarbonation and what else...? c. Avoid these 3 frequently made mistakes while allocating your enterprise resources.

I know, these are kind of catchy lists, but I promise, when I pose it, it will be a completely new opinion in the sustainability landscape. So, which topic would you like me to write first, or any other suggestion? Thanks.

yours, Julian

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I vote for B.

But I think all of them sound quite interesting.

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